Driving Lights For Your Cars

As you may expect, you get what you pay for, in the case of LED driving lights here is why.

* In cheaper lights there is minimal heat sink to dissipate the heat. This means a lower weight light that will run hotter & can lose up to a significant 20% of light output as it hits the higher running operational temperature.

These hotter running units can fail prematurely & burn the chrome off the reflective walls around the LED so light projected is permanently reduced. The light output is also reduced as the higher operating temperature is reached.

* There is two ways to project the light off the driving lights, by glass optics & off the reflective plastic chromed walls, the latter method is employed by the cheaper lights as it is less expensive to manufacture.

* Quality LED lights have large heat sinks in their lights, they are heavier with lower running temperature in the LED’s so there is enhanced light output & longer life of the unit.

* Quality LED lights employ glass optics, in front of the LED, with no reflection off the walls, even though they are still chromed for appearance. The glass is shaped like spectacles for its dispersion angle & is the sole source of projection. The shaping and manufacture of this type of light is considerably more expensive than sidewall reflective types.

Quality lights are able to offer higher IP ratings (weatherproof), higher vibration resistance, and often a 5 year warranty due to the quality of build. It can cost around $30,000 to design & tool up for a new quality light, & a further $20,000 for testing.

Auxbeam Driving Lights sells quality lights, and although we are competitive with other outlets in general terms, some of our lights a bit more expensive than some because of the quality. Possibly the highest quality brand that we stock is Peak which is Australian designed and built under tight supervision in China.

So when deciding which light to buy it is not really as simple as just the cheapest light, there are other very relevant factors to consider that may well give you more light (for the wattage), more life, more weather proof and vibration resistance.


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